Sun Moon Stars Eye Catcher


Like jewelry for your home.

Eye Catchers are made with shells, sea glass, findings, vintage earring components and beads, chandelier prisms and all kinds of shiny, interesting dangling things that will surely catch one’s eye.  Hang it in a sunny window, hang it on the Christmas tree or your car mirror. A great gift for that special person who brings joy and light into your life.

Give her the sun, moon and stars. This ornamental eye catcher looks great from any angle. The light shining through the shell paints such a lovely picture as does the sun reflecting through the center amber glass bead. 6 1/2 inches long from the silver metal corkscrewed hanger to the very bottom of the star.

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Win Win

I signed up to receive the ArtFire Collections Daily Email for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate to spend in any Pro studio on ArtFire. They sent me my  unique “shopper code”.  AAA-386  and I wrote it down on a post it note and stuck it by my computer.  Everyday, a new fabulous Collection would arrive in my inbox with a new shopper code.
On Friday the 13th, my unique shopper code showed up on the Artfire Collections Daily Email.  I won $100 to spend in any Pro studio on Artfire.
Shopping! It took me all day.   I just loved this Azurite Link Bracelet in Sterling Silver and these Lapis and Sterling Silver Earrings with Pierced Design.  The studio I chose to spend my $100 gift certificate is:

Designs by Iris, Handcrafted jewelry Fabricated with sterling silver and gemstones.

Please take a moment to visit her studio.  LOVE my bracelet! A pleasure doing business with you, Iris.  Thank you!



Vintage Gibson J40 Dreadnaught GuitarMusical Instrument Acquisition Disorder

My husband has been managing his M.I.A.D very well, I have to admit.  As soon as he gets the fever and finds another guitar or ukulele or banjo he wants to buy, it’s time to sell one.   We have been selling (and buying) vintage musical instruments on ebay since 1998 with 100% positive feedback.  Over the past 3 years, we have sold quite a few on Artfire as well.    Check my studio for other vintage musical instruments available for sale as this one has been SOLD. 

The John Bull Topper

John Bull Topper Vintage Top Hat

Vintage Top Hat

The John Bull Topper has a lower crown (little over 5 inches high) with a 2 1/2 inch brim with binding on the edge. Beautifully made 100% wool felt top hat, wide black ribbon around crown, custom made for someone with the initials of RLK in size 7 1/2 from Bergen Hatters in Jersey City, NJ.


SOLD  in October 2011 at