Hand Made With Molas

I fell in love with the textile art created by the native women of the San Blas  Islands, located off the cost of Panama, the first time I saw one up close.
The exceptional needlework and colorful clothing worn by the Kuna women are all hand stitched in reverse appliques, cut-work and embroidery. They call these multi-colored panels, Molas. The Mola is made from several layers of fabric using cut-work to combine reverse appliques as well as traditional appliques on top and embellished with embroidery. The mola I used was not made by me but the rest of the bag or pillow cover was hand made by me to show off the Mola for all the world to see.

Hand Made With Molas

Pillow Cover Made With Parrot Mola Panel

Pillow cover made with a fabulous parrot mola panel made by the Kuna Indian women of the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. I added a red
border and black border on the front, plain black cotton is on the back, hidden zipper on bottom, fully lined with french seams (no edges to fray). This
pillow cover is made for a 16″ x 16″ pillow form (included). Hand wash in cold water, line dry and iron.

Colorful Cross Body Fish Mola Bag

A colorful fish mola, made by the skilled hands of the Kuna women of San Blas Islands, is featured on the front of this zippered cross body bag. Bag
measures 9 1/2 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches deep with a 40 inch strap. Inside you will find the same black quilted fabric with binding over seam
edges. Hand wash in cold water, line dry and iron. I have more molas in my other shop – http://FabricMadness.artfire.com – so if you would like a
custom pillow cover, tote bag, or wall hanging made from one of them, please contact me. I just love to sew.

Black Cross Body Bag Features A Colorful Sea Shell Mola Square

This lovely cross body black bag was created around a colorful 6 inch square Mola featuring a sea shell design. It has an adjustable strap that goes
from 26 inches long to fit over the shoulder and snuggly under your arm up to 46 inches long for the convenience of wearing your bag across your
body comfortably. There is a large front pocket decorated with the sea shell mola that is secured with a button and top flap. Inside you will find a large
zippered pocket to keep your important things tucked away safely. This bag measure 10 inches tall and 11 inches wide.

Cross Body Bag Features An Exquisite Hummingbird Mola

This lovely cross body black bag was created around a colorful 6 inch square Mola featuring a hummingbird in a garden of delight. It has an
adjustable strap that goes from 28 inches long to use as a shoulder bag all the way up to 54 inches long making it comfortable to wear it as a cross
body bag no matter how tall or wide you are. There is a large front pocket decorated with the hummingbird and flower mola. The whole bag is
secured with a button and top flap. Inside is lined with heavy weight cotton with 2 large pockets. This bag measure 11 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

Available for purchase at TheSunnySideBiz shop

Gaucho Cigar Box Ukulele

This soprano cigar box ukulele stands on its own, literally, made from a thick cigar box with side hinges. The neck comes from an old Chicago instruments ukulele sporting the Gaucho logo (partial decal) in place. The plastic fret board was broken at the bottom, but fit adequately. A new American made bridge was used and had to be shimmed to prevent fret buzzes. The Gaucho logo was cut into the top to stay with the theme and a provide a sound hole. Gold strings matched nicely with the black and gold color scheme of the cigar box.

Another Rat Uke made by Roy Cox and available for purchase in my Artfire studio where you can see more photos and details about this one of a kind cigar box uke.

Manasquan Beach in a Bottle

While looking through a bag of shells for the right size to incorporate into one of my Eyecatchers, I realized that all the sand in the bottom came from the Manasquan Inlet Beach.   Sand from the beach before Hurricane Sandy,  the storm that ravaged and changed my Jersey Shore forever. I filled several small glass bottles, put a cork in each one and placed them on my windowsill while I thought about what I would do with them.

Here they are! Four Manasquan Beach in a Bottle Eye Catchers, made with brass or copper wire and sea glass, prisms, shells, marbles and other shiny treasures to hang in a sunny window. Shine On!

You can find them in my Artfire Shop under EyeCatchers


Cigar Box Ukuleles

Roy has another one of his Cigar Box Ukuleles for sale on Artfire.  This one is a real nice player made from vintage parts.  He started out with a vintage Wendell Hall Red Head neck that needed a body.  The House of Windsor cigar box I had picked up at Berlin Flea Market a week or two earlier was nice wood with a grooved design and a perfect match for the neck.  With a little imagination and help from a couple of reliable sources, Roy was able to assemble a fine, collectible and very playable ukulele.  For more details, please go to:


Made by Roy Cox from vintage ukulele parts.
Made by Roy Cox from vintage ukulele parts.

Blues Boy Roy

Family Jewels Hung Well

I’ve been busy setting up a new online boutique through SupaDupa and very pleased with the results.  Eye Catchers look beautiful hanging in a sunny window, from the trellis in your garden and even from a chain around your neck. One of a kind, like you. Also make a great gift for that special person who brings joy and light into your life.  My Eye Catchers – Family Jewels Hung Well  can be found at http://myeyecatcher.com

Sea Glass And Crystal Chandelier Prism Eye-Catcher

Sun Moon Stars Eye Catcher


Like jewelry for your home.

Eye Catchers are made with shells, sea glass, findings, vintage earring components and beads, chandelier prisms and all kinds of shiny, interesting dangling things that will surely catch one’s eye.  Hang it in a sunny window, hang it on the Christmas tree or your car mirror. A great gift for that special person who brings joy and light into your life.

Give her the sun, moon and stars. This ornamental eye catcher looks great from any angle. The light shining through the shell paints such a lovely picture as does the sun reflecting through the center amber glass bead. 6 1/2 inches long from the silver metal corkscrewed hanger to the very bottom of the star.

See more  of My Eye Catchers ~ Family Jewels Hung Well


Win Win

I signed up to receive the ArtFire Collections Daily Email for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate to spend in any Pro studio on ArtFire. They sent me my  unique “shopper code”.  AAA-386  and I wrote it down on a post it note and stuck it by my computer.  Everyday, a new fabulous Collection would arrive in my inbox with a new shopper code.
On Friday the 13th, my unique shopper code showed up on the Artfire Collections Daily Email.  I won $100 to spend in any Pro studio on Artfire.
Shopping! It took me all day.   I just loved this Azurite Link Bracelet in Sterling Silver and these Lapis and Sterling Silver Earrings with Pierced Design.  The studio I chose to spend my $100 gift certificate is:

Designs by Iris, Handcrafted jewelry Fabricated with sterling silver and gemstones.   ikstuartdesigns.artfire.com

Please take a moment to visit her studio.  LOVE my bracelet! A pleasure doing business with you, Iris.  Thank you!